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Re: What would make GitHub even better for us?

From: Patrick Monnerat via curl-library <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2021 05:18:05 +0200

On 10/26/21 18:55, Dennis Clarke via curl-library wrote:
>> Avoid github and Microsoft entirely. Use a far more open resource such
>> as which also provides build systems for a pile
>> of architectures
There's also
>> Not sure why anyone would want to do open source work within github
>> given the singular corporate policy and vision that Microsoft has and
>> always will have.[1]
Totally agreed. See this 3 years old discussion:

Although my opinion about M$ has not changed, I had to adapt and I still
have my account on GH because unfortunately the majority of projects
stayed there, and curl first. This was unavoidable.

We were mostly wrong in the above linked discussion, because of the
power of $. I regret this is similar to Win, FB, etc: everybody is there
and people dont want to see the drawbacks of using resources of those
kind of companies.

Technically speaking, the GH portal has'nt been wrecked too much and is
still quite good. However I moved the development of my personal
projects to a more confidential platform and use GH the least as I can.


Received on 2021-10-27