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Daily updated graphs showing the state of the curl project in as much detail as possible. Click the images for full resolution.
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commits per month authors days per release contribs release symbols protocols http versions ci jobs bugbounty setopts bugbounty amounts firsttimers contributors loc third parties comments sev per year lines bugfix frequency c vulns authors per year vulns per year todo files releases github open 95 percent ci platforms 60 percent backends 50 percent cmdline options over time commits per year 80 percent vulns plot mail c reports high vuln manpages daniel vs rest fixtime coreteam per year github fixes api calls examples github monthly docs github age tests vulns releases ci services 70 percent releases per year 90 percent commits authors per month cve time deltaloc
Updated 2023-12-06 04:17:21 UTC

The scripts for generating all these images are available at