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IRC - chat with curl enthusiasts

We have an always-open never-sleeping 24/7 chat room available to discuss any and all curl and libcurl related topics whenever you want.

You find us in the #curl channel on the Libera.Chat IRC network.

This is the only official curl chat. You will find that some of the curl core team developers frequent this chat.

How to join

Libera.Chat offers a comprehensive guide regarding various ways on joining the network.

How to speak

You will notice that you must "register" your nick name first on the network to be allowed to talk in the channel. This is an unfortunate anti-spam and anti-abuse measurement.

The good part is that it is easy to register.

What if nobody responds

There's no guarantee anyone wants to respond or that anyone who reads right now even knows the answer to your question. Consider maybe post your questions or thoughts on a suitable mailing list?


A screenshot example of a discussion in the #curl channel from early April 2021. Seen here in action is the Linux IRC client hexchat. The time stamps on the left are shown using the local time zone of Daniel ('bagder') Stenberg.