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Curl depends on external libraries for some features (and libcurl for all features). You can build curl without them, but curl gets a lot better if you have a few of these libraries:

LibraryUsed for...
OpenSSL TLS (https) support
zlib The automatic "deflate" decompression
OpenLDAP LDAP support
mbed TLS TLS (https) support
heimdal Support for GSS-API can be provided by the heimdal package and is used to for provide the Kerberos and SPNEGO authentication in libcurl.
MIT Kerberos The MIT Kerberos package is also a GSS-API library which can be used to provide support for the Kerberos and SPNEGO authentication in libcurl.
nghttp2 For http2 support.
c-ares For asynchronous name resolves.
libidn For performing the proper IDNA encodings for international domain names to work.
GnuTLS TLS (https) support.
NSS TLS (https) support.
wolfSSL TLS (https) support.
libssh2 For SCP and SFTP support.