curl / libcurl / libcurl Alternatives

Other HTTP/FTP client Libraries for C/C++

Free and Open Source Software projects have a long tradition of forks and duplicate efforts. We enjoy "doing it ourselves", no matter if someone else has done something very similar already.

Alternative libraries that cover parts of libcurl's features, in A-Z order:

Beast (Boost)

CPR (MIT) ftplib++ (GPL) GNU Common C++ library libfetch (BSD)
libwww (W3C license) comparison with libcurl
libsoup (LGPL)
neon (LGPL) comparison with neon
POCO C++ Libraries (Boost) Qt Networking (GPL/LGPL)
Serf (Apache License) wget (GPL)
wininet comparison with libcurl
XMLHTTP Object also known as IXMLHTTPRequest (part of MSXML 3.0)

Have you tried programming with one of the other libs and care share your experiences? We'd love to make this collection more complete and feature lengthier comments about each lib.