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libcurl bindings

Creative people have written bindings or interfaces for various environments and programming languages. Using one of these allows you to take advantage of curl powers from within your favourite language or system.

This is a list of all known interfaces as of this writing.

The bindings listed below are not part of the curl/libcurl distribution archives, but must be downloaded and installed separately.

Ada95 Written by Andreas Almroth

Basic ScriptBasic bindings written by Peter Verhas

C++: curlpp Written by Jean-Philippe Barrette-LaPierre, curlcpp by Giuseppe Persico and C++ Requests by Huu Nguyen

Ch Written by Stephen Nestinger and Jonathan Rogado

Cocoa: BBHTTP written by Bruno de Carvalho curlhandle Written by Dan Wood

Clojure: clj-curl by Lucas Severo

D Written by Kenneth Bogert

Delphi Written by Mikhail Merkuryev

Dylan Written by Chris Double

Eiffel Written by Eiffel Software

Euphoria Written by Ray Smith


Ferite Written by Paul Querna

Fortran Written by Philipp Engel


glib/GTK+ Written by Richard Atterer

Go: go-curl by ShuYu Wang

Guile Written by Michael L. Gran

Harbour Written by Viktor Szakats

Haskell Written by Galois, Inc

Hollywood hURL by Andreas Falkenhahn


Julia Written by Amit Murthy

Kapito is an Erlang HTTP library around libcurl.

Lisp Written by Liam Healy

Lua: luacurl by Alexander Marinov, Lua-cURL by Jürgen Hötzel

Mono Written by Jeffrey Phillips

.NET libcurl-net by Jeffrey Phillips

Nim wrapper for libcurl

node.js node-libcurl by Jonathan Cardoso Machado

Object-Pascal Free Pascal, Delphi and Kylix binding written by Christophe Espern.

OCaml Written by Lars Nilsson and ygrek

Pascal Free Pascal, Delphi and Kylix binding written by Jeffrey Pohlmeyer.

Perl: WWW::Curl Maintained by Cris Bailiff and Bálint Szilakszi, perl6-net-curl by Ahmad M. Zawawi NET::Curl by Przemyslaw Iskra

PHP Originally written by Sterling Hughes

PostgreSQL - HTTP client for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL - cURL client for PostgreSQL

PureBasic uses libcurl in its "native" HTTP subsystem

Python PycURL by Kjetil Jacobsen

Python mcurl by Ganesh Viswanathan

Q The libcurl module is part of the default install


Rexx Written Mark Hessling

Ring RingLibCurl by Mahmoud Fayed

RPG, support for ILE/RPG on OS/400 is included in source distribution

Ruby: curb written by Ross Bamford, ruby-curl-multi by Kristjan Petursson and Keith Rarick

Rust curl-rust - by Carl Lerche

Scheme Bigloo binding by Kirill Lisovsky

Scilab binding by Sylvestre Ledru

S-Lang by John E Davis

Smalltalk Written by Danil Osipchuk

SP-Forth Written by Andrey Cherezov

SPL Written by Clifford Wolf

Tcl Tclcurl by Andrés García

Vibe HTTP requests through libcurl in V

Visual Basic libcurl-vb by Jeffrey Phillips

Visual Foxpro by Carlos Alloatti

wxWidgets Written by Casey O'Donnell

XBLite Written by David Szafranski

Xojo Written by Andrew Lambert