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Donate to the curl project!

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(Donations are done to Open Source Collective 501c6, a US non-profit that collects and holds funds on the behalf of the curl project.)


To ensure that the curl project continues to strive. Even open source projects has expenses! You can use curl forever without paying anything, but maybe you think you've got quite a lot and feel you could contribute a little back?

See also Mary Gardiner's excellent guide How To Pay for Free Software.

What to donate

Donate your time. Answer questions, contribute code, review patches and help out. Or let one of your employees do this for the benefit of the project!

If you cannot donate time or skill, consider donating a small amount of money. Maybe even do it in a recurring manner?

Anyone donating 100USD per month, or more, is considered a sponsor and is entitled to request to get listed on that page.

What are the donated funds used for?

Donated money is strictly and only used for project expenses, in particular the bug bounty and the curl annual conference series curl up.