curl logo


This is the official curl logo. Made by Soft Dreams (Adrian Burcea) and donated to the curl project on May 26 2016.

You are free to use the images for purposes of showing your use of curl, your product's use of curl, general or specific curl information, curl advocacy and similar.

You are allowed to resize the images and host them yourself as you see fit.

curl logo

File Size Resolution Format 1.6MB vector AI
curl-logo.jpg 77K 2228 x 852 JPEG
curl-logo.png 53K 2228 x 852 PNG
curl-logo.svg 8.5K vector SVG
curl-logo.xcf 168K 2228 x 852 XCF
curl-transparent.png 10K 1970 x 656 transparent PNG

The curl symbol

curl symbol

File Size Resolution Format
curl-symbol.jpg 37K 789 x 690 JPEG
curl-symbol.png 24K 789 x 690 PNG
curl-symbol.svg 7.6K vector SVG
curl-symbol.xcf 48K 789 x 690 XCF
curl-symbol-transparent.png 3.0K 683 x 571 transparent PNG

curl up

curl up logo

File Size Resolution Format
curl-up.png 70K 2573 x 707 PNG
curl-up.svg 5.8K vector SVG