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curl release scheduling

Release Cycle

We normally do releases every 8 weeks on Wednesdays. If important problems arise, we can insert releases outside the schedule or we can move the release date.

Each 8 week (56 days) release cycle is divided into three distinct periods:

If a future release date happens to end up on a "bad date", like in the middle of common public holidays or when the lead release manager is unavailable, the release date can be moved forwards or backwards a full week. This is then advertised well in advance.

Critical problems

We can break the release cycle and do a patch release at any point if a critical enough problem is reported. There is no exact definition of how to assess such criticality, but if an issue is highly disturbing or has a security impact on a large enough share of the user population it might qualify.

If you think an issue qualifies, bring it to the curl-library mailing list and push for it.

Coming dates

Based on the description above, here are some planned release dates (at the time of this writing):