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Curl multi socket function receiving a new socket fd before POLL REMOVE on another

From: Andrei Georgescu via curl-library <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2023 23:30:38 +0000


I assumed that, in curl multi (driven by curl_multi_socket_action) the socket fds are sequentially used, i.e. only one at the time, during transfer.
A new socket fd is received, by the socket function of the multi, only after the previous one has been CURL_POLL_REMOVE by that same socket function.

In my tests, I've received a socket fd out of the blue while I had another fd in my easy's CURLOPT_PRIVATE payload, trigerring an assert. So clearly my mental model is wrong.

Can a multi driven easy trasfer have multiple sockets involved at the same time ?


Received on 2023-06-23