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Re: HTTP/3 options

From: Daniel Stenberg via curl-library <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2023 09:08:46 +0100 (CET)

On Tue, 3 Jan 2023, Timothe Litt via curl-library wrote:

Thanks, this is certainly an interesting idea.

> --http=3 - use http3, fall back to 2, 1.1, 1.0, 0.9, ...

We don't use '='-separators in our option parser so unless we introduce it
now, it would rather be

   --http 3

"0.9" is never a version used in (curl) requests, it is prehistoric
*response*. I don't think should mix 0.9-acceptance into this option.

> --http=3.  use http3 or die
> --http=(3,1.1) - try http3, fall back to 1.1, 1.0...
> --http=(3,1.1.) - try http3, 1.1 or die
> --http=2. = Use http2 or die (roughly --http2 --http-prior-knowledge)

Maybe the period is a too subtle as a "stop" as it is also used in "1.1".

How about a slight tweak of the syntax:

  "3-" means version 3 or anything else that curl thinks is fine

  "3" means only version 3

  "3-2" means version 2 or fallback to 2 (excluding 1.1)

  "3-1.1" means version 3 or fallback to 2 or 1.1

  "3,1.1" means version or fallback to 1.1

  "1.0" means please use 1.0 (only)


  It cannot ever fallback to 1.0, so having "3-1.0" will not make curl
  actually try 1.0 in the request.

  Using "0.9" in the string would be invalid, it is never used in requests.

  We could accept version "1" as a shortcut for "1.1".

  This leaves room for expanding to a future version 4.

> alt-svc really should be internal to CURL - e.g. in ~/.curl-altsvc.cache or
> some such.

Maybe. That would introduce challenges when you run a bazillion different
concurrent curls, potentially with lots of different use cases and testing and
torturing internal and external sites.

Also, alt-svc as a technology does not seem to have a very bright future so
I'm not convinced it is worth us spending a lot of efforts on fine tuning how
to use this. The future rather looks like an updated header and use of the
HTTPS record.

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Received on 2023-01-04