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Make curl works as web proxy

From: Rodrigo s via curl-library <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2022 17:21:39 -0300

My school has a proxy that blocks some sites. If I try to access,
it will block.

But, if I have my server running php and the server downloads this page, I
can bypass the block. Obviously, youtube is complex. There are a lot of
javascript and images.

My question is: Is there a program that helps to make a page work? Can the
curl bypass the proxy? What is the name of this kind of technology?

In other words, this is how I think it works:

   - In a normal website, my browser does:
      - Get the page
      - Then read the link of every image and javascript
      - Download this images and javascript and render in page
      - There are more complex thing I will ignore
   - In the php page, it will do:
      - I type a URL.
      - Curl will download the page and show in my browser (this is easy to
      - Then, my browser will see the images and javascript
      - The browser will make the request to download these images and
      - Somehow, these requests will be sent to my server. It will download
      the necessary and the browser will render it
      - If I click in the link, the request will be send to my server that
      will download and show the page

I know there are other technologies that make it possible. But, only using
php on another server, is it possible to do things like I want?

Received on 2022-01-25