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Re: roadmap 2022 thoughts?

From: James Read via curl-library <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2022 23:51:24 +0000

On Thu, Jan 6, 2022 at 10:55 PM Daniel Stenberg <> wrote:

> On Thu, 6 Jan 2022, James Read via curl-library wrote:
> > Extensive testing with epoll has showed limitations in the speed up when
> > using concurrent connections.
> Have you ruled out that these limitations aren't just the results of bugs
> or
> plain inefficiencies in the code?

I thought it might be a problem with curl so I made a version that doesn't
use curl. I posted this question
on stackoverflow and the resulting discussion led me to start experimenting
with PACKET_MMAP which seems like a promising solution to get some more
speed up.

As described in the question I get speed up with low numbers of concurrent
connections but after 1024 and greater no real performance gains.

> > Perhaps it would be useful to add support for PACKET_MMAP style
> > communication to get more speed up out of it.
> In general I'm in favor of adventures to improve performance. Doing
> PACKET_MMAP style networking sounds like the TLS layer would also need
> some
> serious adjustments, so quite a hefty effort probably. Optimized transfers
> for
> clear-text only would feel a tad bit too much like 2016 or so! :-)
I agree it will be a lot of work. But I think it will be worth it. We
should be able to saturate the available bandwidth with concurrent

James Read

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