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From: Christian Schmitz via curl-library <>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2021 19:26:13 +0100


CURL has built-in way to do a FETCH for an email, but it uses "UID FETCH %s BODY[%s]", which marks email as read.

If we change this to BODY.PEEK, we would get the email content without the mark as read.

Now if I use a custom command to do this, I get a different state and the email is in the debug messages instead of the result.
That is because we never get to IMAP_FETCH state.

Could we have an option to have imap_perform_fetch use BODY.PEEK with some new option?
Like UID or MAILINDEX, this could be something in the URL as Parameter.

What do others think? Could this work?


Received on 2021-12-16