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Re: How to build libcurl with OpenSSL without installing the latter?

From: ellie via curl-library <>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 14:30:55 +0100

Thanks for your helpful, in-depth responses!

On 11/11/21 09:51, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> For some of the other libraries, configure will check for them and use
> them by default without the need for any option but then why would
> configure find libraries in your setup if you don't have them and curl
> can then use them?

Sorry, I may have communicated this one poorly:

I do have the libraries of course if configure finds them, but the end
users may not. If libcurl just uses them, since this is a static build
my final program won't build unless I link these other deps too, which
for many reasons I don't want to indiscriminately do. (Many libs e.g.
require credits to be added, so I would almost be guaranteed to violate
terms doing this blindly.) In overall, it seems like that would make
libcurl version upgrades a potential pain since they might suddenly add
such things and break my build unnecessarily, which is a bit sad.

If instead some --default-to-no-external-libs flag allowed a whitelist
with --with-..., then I could just enable what I checked for licensing
and credits, without worrying about an upgrade ever adding things
without an actual need just because they were found.

I hope that explains why I find a blacklist-only approach difficult to
work with. Or am I missing a better way to avoid this?

On 11/11/21 09:51, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> No, that's incorrect. A static build and a shared build both need
headers and the library itself

Given a cross install to a prefix is possible (I'm silly that I assumed
it wasn't) this was unproductive for me to have nitpicked, my apologies.
I don't know why I never realized that works, sorry about that, and
thanks for your patient responses.

But for completeness' sake:

If I remember right static libs in .a format can't link things, or am I
mixing things up? The link is done when the program is built, which
isn't in the scope of libcurl anymore. So a header only option should be
possible in theory at least. But I suppose it's not really worth
anyone's time to add it.


Received on 2021-11-12