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Re: How to build libcurl with OpenSSL without installing the latter?

From: ellie via curl-library <>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2021 15:10:35 +0100

Thanks for your response!

On 11/9/21 15:04, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> Having configure checks fail to detect something optional is not a problem

Well, it is a problem if what it fails on is what I want to use, which
was the case here.

> If you want to use OpenSSL, why point it to a fake install and not a
real install?

I was under the assumption I can't install a Windows OpenSSL on a Linux
host. To be fair, I didn't actually try so maybe I should, good point.
Still seems like a bit of a nonsensical workflow though. Why do I need
an install when all I want is a static build with a static link that
should only need the header files?

> You could basically just remove all the --without-* options from this
command line and it would still give the same end result.

So using none of these libraries EVEN IF PRESENT is the default? I don't
think I saw that behavior, but I can check again if you're sure about
that. (To elaborate, the problem is even if they're present on my system
they won't on the end user's, so I can't just have it randomly pick
those up because it gives me a broken build. But blacklisting it all
with those --without is both ugly, and a maintenance nightmare since I
assume new external libs & features are added frequently.)

I have also noticed as a side note that for a Windows build with
autotools, it seems to be impossible to avoid including code that needs
a link to crypt32/wincrypt, even when I want to use OpenSSL & custom
cert store only. If there is an option to prevent that I didn't find it.
This is somewhat relevant to me because I'm about to try a Windows
XP-compatible build, so having unnecessary exposure to WinAPI of things
I don't want it to use anyway is a bit of a liability (although might
not be an issue in practice, I'll know soon after tests).


Received on 2021-11-10