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Re: How to build libcurl with OpenSSL without installing the latter?

From: Daniel Stenberg via curl-library <>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2021 15:04:30 +0100 (CET)

On Mon, 8 Nov 2021, ellie via curl-library wrote:

> My apologies, but I didn't manage to follow on your remarks regarding
> cross-compilation or how that relates to my question, sadly. At the risk of
> repeating myself, but how do others solve this?

Normally, cross-compilation doesn't change how you use configure, apart from
the little extra details you provide that specifies the cross part of the

> Also wouldn't it make more sense if there was an alternate
> --with-openssl-headers-for-static or something?

I really don't see why; curl uses the same set of headers no matter how you

> I'm thinking alternatively, maybe at least --without-openssl-config-test
> would help to disable all those configure tests trying to tell me my
> install is wrong when I try to fake it.

Having configure checks fail to detect something optional is not a problem.
You can just let those checks fail.

> Then I could try minimal ./fake-install/include/openssl folder, do
> --with-openssl=./fake-install/ and ignore all the other subfolders, and see
> if that works. But surely this is not how I'm meant to do it?

If you want to use OpenSSL, why point it to a fake install and not a real

> cd $(CURLPATH) && ./configure $(HOSTOPTION) --disable-shared
> --enable-static --enable-optimize --without-gnutls --without-mbedtls
> --without-wolfssl --without-mesalink --without-bearssl --without-rustl
> --without-nss --without-zlib --without-ca-path --with-ca-fallback
> --without-libpsl --without-libssh --without-libssh2 --without-wolfssh
> --without-librtmp --without-libidn2 --without-nghttp2 --without-ngtcp2
> --without-nghttp3 --without-quiche --without-hyper
> --with-openssl="`pwd`/fake-install-so-curl-is-quiet/" && make

You could basically just remove all the --without-* options from this command
line and it would still give the same end result.

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Received on 2021-11-09