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Re: Response time appears to be much higher on 7.78 version of libcurl (vs 7.60 version)

From: Question Throwaway via curl-library <>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2021 12:15:58 -0500

> Getting a ~10 times slower performance is not just a minor degradation or
> wrong option. It's a sign of something seriously wrong. I would urge you to
> get a full DEBUGFUNCTION log with timed entries to spot where all that
> time is
> spent. Alternatively doing a full wireshark dump, but that might be tricker
> for HTTPS traffic from that target.

Agree and yes, that would definitely be much more helpful than the results
I had posted.

Did you use the same TLS backend in both your libcurl tests? Does it make
> any
> difference if you use another?

Funny you should say that, I was originally going to answer that 'yes' i
did - as I've compiled it with OpenSSL, WolfSSL, and mbedTLS (my preferred
choice) which I did have the issue pretty consistently (to varying
degrees), however rolling back the mbedTLS version to 2.16.8 (from
2.16.11) did end up getting me the results I was getting before. It does
appear I have more testing to do on my end to pinpoint the exact issue, but
I do appreciate the feedback and help on all accounts.

Received on 2021-09-21