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Compilation issues with bufref in 7.78.0

From: Abhinav Singhal via curl-library <>
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2021 14:56:52 -0400


I’m facing compilation issues while building libcurl 7.78.0 with the newly
added bufref.c and bufref.h files.

For instance, bufref.h itself contains a “#include bufref.h” statement,
i.e. it hash includes itself, which gives the error "#include nested too
deeply". Once I removed it, it gave the error “incomplete definition of
type struct bufref”, because the definition of struct bufref is nowhere to
be found.

I downloaded curl-7.78.0.tar.gz from I am new to
libcurl, so I’m wondering if I missed something somewhere. Any pointers
would help.

Received on 2021-09-01