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Re: Splitting up the manpage on the website?

From: Paul Gilmartin via curl-users <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2021 07:09:06 -0700

On Nov 17, 2021, at 05:30:08, Daniel Stenberg via curl-users <> wrote:
>> Perhaps the "basics of CLI use" part of the "Everything curl" book could be placed somewhere by itself?
> Do you have more specific ideas of where and how to do that on the site? We have lots of documentation, the problem is nowadays rarely that we lack the information but more often that we need to figure how to best make it available to and found by users.
Take a poll to find what users find useful? I'll start -- here's my favorite
curl command, extracted from a script:
    [ -f ${FILE} ] && TC="${FILE}" || unset TC
  ( set -x
    curl --location --fail --show-error ${TC+--time-cond "$TC"} \
        ${EMAIL+--header "From: $EMAIL"} \
        --remote-time --xattr \
        --dump-header "${HDRS}" --output "${FILE}" "$_at_"

Received on 2021-11-17