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Re: Pre-built 'dev' library ?

From: John Emmas via curl-users <>
Date: Sun, 07 Feb 2021 13:52:41 +0000

On 05/02/2021 20:02, Ray Satiro via curl-users wrote:
> The curl library (libcurl.dll -- which is not needed by curl.exe) has
> the same all static dependencies except OpenSSL. I'm not sure why the
> difference. I filed a bug at
> You can download the other static dependencies on the windows download
> page in the Specifications section.

Many thanks Daniel & Ray for helping with this. I guess I'll need to
download libcrypto and libssl.

Is there a specific version I'd need for each of them? Obviously I
could just install the latest versions - or is there some previous
version that's preferable?

And as a suggestion (given that the libcurl DLL can't work without those
extra DLL's) would it make sense to include the crypto and ssl DLL's in
your Windows zip file? That way, people could be sure they're running
the right combination of everything.

Received on 2021-02-07