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Re: Pre-built 'dev' library ?

From: Ray Satiro via curl-users <>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2021 15:02:51 -0500

On 2/5/2021 10:55 AM, John Emmas via curl-users wrote:
> On 05/02/2021 13:57, John Emmas via curl-users wrote:
>> On 05/02/2021 10:20, Daniel Stenberg via curl-users wrote:
>>> The only binaries we provide from the project itself are the curl
>>> (the tool) packages on and they're linked
>>> statically.
>> [...]
>> Can I just check one thing... by "linked statically" do you mean
>> they're static libs?  Or are they DLL's - but DLL's which won't
>> require me to also install libcrypto and libssl ?
> Hmmm - there's something I'm not understanding here...
> I revisited that web page and noticed it says that curl 7.75.0 is
> linked statically to OpenSSL 1.1.1i, so I downloaded the 64-bit zip
> file - BUT...  when I run the Windows 'dumpbin' program it gives me
> this output:-
>     Dump of file libcurl-x64.dll
>     File Type: DLL
>       Image has the following dependencies:
>         libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll
>         libssl-1_1-x64.dll
>         ADVAPI32.dll
>         CRYPT32.dll
>         KERNEL32.dll
>         msvcrt.dll
>         Normaliz.dll
>         USER32.dll
>         WLDAP32.dll
>         WS2_32.dll
> In other words, 'libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll' and 'libssl-1_1-x64.dll' are
> both still needed - i.e. they're linked dynamically - not statically :-(
> The zip file contains a file called 'libcurl'a' (which looks like it
> might be a static lib) but if I try to link against it I get lots of
> missing symbols.

The curl tool (curl.exe) has all static dependencies, including libcurl:

curl 7.75.0 (x86_64-pc-win32) libcurl/7.75.0 OpenSSL/1.1.1i (Schannel)
zlib/1.2.11 brotli/1.0.9 zstd/1.4.8 WinIDN libssh2/1.9.0 nghttp2/1.43.0

The curl library (libcurl.dll -- which is not needed by curl.exe) has
the same all static dependencies except OpenSSL. I'm not sure why the
difference. I filed a bug at

You can download the other static dependencies on the windows download
page in the Specifications section.

Received on 2021-02-05