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RE: http.client does not finish current streams after a connection lost

From: Sergey Bronnikov via curl-library <>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2024 13:18:46 +0300

Hello, everyone,

there was an issue in Tarantool [1] due to regression in libcurl [2], it was
reported on 23 Aug, 2023. Issue was fixed in upstream on 4 Sept, 2023
and fix
was confirmed by our tests for Tarantool. Unfortunately, this fix was
reverted by
refactoring made in commit d7b6ce64ce0ad ("lib: replace readwrite with
write_resp") [3] on 1 Dec 2023 and now it is reproduced again.

Should I reopen curl#11769 or it is better to submit a new issue?

Sure, it is a bit late to report and we should have discovered this
earlier (regression was actually introduced in a previous public version
But we couldn't update to the previous version due to another
regression [4][5].


Received on 2024-03-29