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Re: 8.7.1 : client read function EOF fail, only x/y of needed bytes read

From: Stefan Eissing via curl-library <>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2024 10:41:23 +0100

> Am 28.03.2024 um 09:56 schrieb Matt Barnett <>:
> After many hours I found the issue and it's not a bug - just something that we need to be aware of and change our code when using 8.7.1 vs 8.6.0
> We had been using hd_src = fopen(LOCAL_FILE, "r") but it needs to be hd_src = fopen(LOCAL_FILE, "rb");

Happy that you found it. We added the length checking in 8.7.1 in order to detect when the announced length does not match what the input delivers. Some servers might have weak checks on incoming content lengths, leading to errors being very hard to find.

Kind Regards,
Received on 2024-03-28