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Re: Large download speed deviations for CURLOPT_MAX_RECV_SPEED_LARGE in 8.4.0

From: Dmitry Karpov via curl-library <>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2023 07:32:48 +0000

I tried the latest master branch with Daniel's fix, and I still see large deviations (up to 20%) from the speed limit set by CURLOPT_MAX_RECV_SPEED_LARGE.
The deviations depend on a network speed and they get bigger when the speed limit gets far from the network speed.

The 7.84.0 in my tests always had speed deviations from the speed limit < 1% regardless how far the speed limit was from the network speed,
which made speed throttling in 7.84 quite precise.

In my tests, I downloaded a 5 MB file from some local network server using different network speeds.
The test client was running on Windows (mentioning it, just in case).

Here is the snippet of the results:
----------------------------------------------- [master, ToT] ----------------------------------------------
Network speed: Link-local (~700 Mbps)
Url=, max_speed=8000000 bps (1000000 B/s)
time=6479 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=6473428 bps, spd_diff=-1526572 bps, pct=-19.1 %
time=6520 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=6432804 bps, spd_diff=-1567196 bps, pct=-19.6 %
time=6522 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=6430949 bps, spd_diff=-1569051 bps, pct=-19.6 %
time=5461 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7679824 bps, spd_diff=-320176 bps, pct=-4.0 %
time=6502 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=6450361 bps, spd_diff=-1549639 bps, pct=-19.4 %...
Url=, max_speed=16000000 bps (2000000 B/s)
time=2681 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15639709 bps, spd_diff=-360291 bps, pct=-2.3 %
time=2619 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=16012712 bps, spd_diff=12712 bps, pct=0.1 %
time=2672 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15692677 bps, spd_diff=-307323 bps, pct=-1.9 %
time=2680 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15646469 bps, spd_diff=-353531 bps, pct=-2.2 %
time=2420 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=17329529 bps, spd_diff=1329529 bps, pct=8.3 %

Network speed: [50 mbps]
Url=, max_speed=8000000 bps (1000000 B/s)
time=6672 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=6286245 bps, spd_diff=-1713755 bps, pct=-21.4 %
time=6697 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=6262587 bps, spd_diff=-1737413 bps, pct=-21.7 %
time=6701 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=6258471 bps, spd_diff=-1741529 bps, pct=-21.8 %
time=6114 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=6860144 bps, spd_diff=-1139856 bps, pct=-14.2 %
time=6591 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=6363237 bps, spd_diff=-1636763 bps, pct=-20.5 %
Url=, max_speed=16000000 bps (2000000 B/s)
time=2701 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15526749 bps, spd_diff=-473251 bps, pct=-3.0 %
time=2695 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15559149 bps, spd_diff=-440851 bps, pct=-2.8 %
time=2352 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=17831222 bps, spd_diff=1831222 bps, pct=11.4 %
time=2368 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=17711377 bps, spd_diff=1711377 bps, pct=10.7 %
time=2574 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=16292677 bps, spd_diff=292677 bps, pct=1.8 %

Network speed: [20 mbps]
Url=, max_speed=8000000 bps (1000000 B/s)
time=5794 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7238636 bps, spd_diff=-761364 bps, pct=-9.5 %
time=5795 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7236710 bps, spd_diff=-763290 bps, pct=-9.5 %
time=5785 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7250173 bps, spd_diff=-749827 bps, pct=-9.4 %
time=5751 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7292374 bps, spd_diff=-707626 bps, pct=-8.8 %
time=5397 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7771316 bps, spd_diff=-228684 bps, pct=-2.9 %
Url=, max_speed=16000000 bps (2000000 B/s)
time=2576 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=16280357 bps, spd_diff=280357 bps, pct=1.8 %
time=2800 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=14975959 bps, spd_diff=-1024041 bps, pct=-6.4 %
time=2564 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=16355235 bps, spd_diff=355235 bps, pct=2.2 %
time=2625 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15972948 bps, spd_diff=-27052 bps, pct=-0.2 %
time=2730 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15363233 bps, spd_diff=-636767 bps, pct=-4.0 %

----------------------------------------------- [7.84.0] ----------------------------------------------
Network speed: Link-local (~700 Mbps)
Url=, max_speed=8000000 bps (1000000 B/s)
time=5263 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7968429 bps, spd_diff=-31571 bps, pct=-0.4 %
time=5270 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7957354 bps, spd_diff=-42646 bps, pct=-0.5 %
time=5264 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7967887 bps, spd_diff=-32113 bps, pct=-0.4 %
time=5273 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7953080 bps, spd_diff=-46920 bps, pct=-0.6 %
time=5266 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7964399 bps, spd_diff=-35601 bps, pct=-0.4 %
Url=, max_speed=16000000 bps (2000000 B/s)
time=2642 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15871783 bps, spd_diff=-128217 bps, pct=-0.8 %
time=2640 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15884568 bps, spd_diff=-115432 bps, pct=-0.7 %
time=2642 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15873106 bps, spd_diff=-126894 bps, pct=-0.8 %
time=2636 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15910425 bps, spd_diff=-89575 bps, pct=-0.6 %
time=2640 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15884987 bps, spd_diff=-115013 bps, pct=-0.7 %

Network speed: [50 mbps]
Url=, max_speed=8000000 bps (1000000 B/s)
time=5261 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7971586 bps, spd_diff=-28414 bps, pct=-0.4 %
time=5261 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7971029 bps, spd_diff=-28971 bps, pct=-0.4 %
time=5270 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7958651 bps, spd_diff=-41349 bps, pct=-0.5 %
time=5274 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7952013 bps, spd_diff=-47987 bps, pct=-0.6 %
time=5271 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7957216 bps, spd_diff=-42784 bps, pct=-0.5 %
Url=, max_speed=16000000 bps
time=2631 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15938125 bps, spd_diff=-61875 bps, pct=-0.4 %
time=2632 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15932475 bps, spd_diff=-67525 bps, pct=-0.4 %
time=2633 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15923828 bps, spd_diff=-76172 bps, pct=-0.5 %
time=2635 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15916738 bps, spd_diff=-83262 bps, pct=-0.5 %
time=2638 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=15895312 bps, spd_diff=-104688 bps, pct=-0.7 %

Network speed: [20 mbps]
Url=, max_speed=8000000 bps (1000000 B/s)
time=5259 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7974473 bps, spd_diff=-25527 bps, pct=-0.3 %
time=5265 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7966040 bps, spd_diff=-33960 bps, pct=-0.4 %
time=5279 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7944491 bps, spd_diff=-55509 bps, pct=-0.7 %
time=5266 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7964010 bps, spd_diff=-35990 bps, pct=-0.4 %
time=5267 ms, dnld=5242880 B, speed=7962112 bps, spd_diff=-37888 bps, pct=-0.5 %

Sorry for too much text, but these data clearly indicate that something was regressed from the 7.84 for
the CURLOPT_MAX_RECV_SPEED_LARGE option, and the speed throttling is not that good anymore.

In my application, I have 5% tolerance for speed throttling, which unfortunately I can't get with the latest libcurl builds.

Dmitry Karpov

-----Original Message-----
From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2023 1:42 AM
To: Dmitry Karpov via curl-library <>
Cc: Dmitry Karpov <>
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: Large download speed deviations for CURLOPT_MAX_RECV_SPEED_LARGE in 8.4.0

On Wed, 29 Nov 2023, Dmitry Karpov via curl-library wrote:

> Is it something known or a not previously noticed regression in 8.4.0?

When I looked into this now, I noticed a regression in multi_getsock() which makes libcurl re-calculate the waiting periods during rate-limiting way too often. That's wasteful and in my tests it made the limited speed differ more from the desired value than what it should otherwise do.

This said: I could not see a 20% deviation in my tests. I saw a much smaller one, that seems to be mostly gone with my fix. So I can't say for sure if this really is the problem you see or if there is an additional one.

Anyway, my proposed first fix is here:

If you apply that patch, then doing debug outputs in the
Curl_pgrsLimitWaitTime() function is much easier and way less "floody". If you keep seeing this problem we can then double-check the calculations there to check that they seem reasonable. They do for me.

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