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Re: Feature window: open

From: Stephen Farrell <>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2023 17:02:08 +0100


On 22/10/2023 09:39, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> On Sat, 21 Oct 2023, Stephen Farrell via curl-library wrote:
>> I'm not clear how you like to handle experimental things like our
>> ECH PR. [1] Is that something that'd be suited for proposing for
>> this release cycle or not?
> I would like to land this as soon as we think it is usable, but
> labeled EXPERIMENTAL and only built if opted in at build-time.


> This way, we can fine-tune it while people get a chance to try it out
> and work on it in the master branch. It should then only possibly
> hurt users who opt in to participate in the experiment.
> We can do this during this feature window if we think it is good
> enough. I feel I've neglected your work there recently, but I want to
> get back and give it a good review again and help merging it.
> Since the function is to be merged as experimental at first anyway,
> it is not terribly important to stick to the merge window, even if I
> think it is a generally good idea to do that.
>> I'd probably recommend waiting 'till the next cycle maybe, on the
>> assumption that the wolfSSL+HRR bug may be fixed then, and the ECH
>> spec may have gotten to working group last call in the IETF. But
>> I'm happy to try for an earlier merge if that makes more sense
>> here.
> I'm happy to follow your recommendation. Then we can also make sure
> that we have it reviewed and in perfect shape by then, merge and then
> convince people to try it out for real!

Yep, I think that makes sense and may align nicely with the planned
timing in the IETF TLS WG.


Received on 2023-10-22