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IPFS, exploring the option for a default header to make gateway behavior explicit?

From: Mark Gaiser via curl-library <>
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2023 15:15:28 +0200

Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts. I don't work for Protocol Labs
(company behind IPFS) anymore and am in that sense just an IPFS
enthusiastic dev that tries to make it more usable.


An IPFS URL passed to a gateway, like this (safe to try, it's big buck

Can be translated by the gateway in two ways (path [1] and subdomain [2]).
The path version looks like:

The subdomain variant looks like:

The way IPFS gateways currently work by default (configurable in its
settings) is to redirect the path based version to the subdomain based one.
In a web browser context, where IPFS is used most, this all makes perfect

A consequence of this default is that a curl command like can work and fail:
curl ipfs://bafybeigagd5nmnn2iys2f3doro7ydrevyr2mzarwidgadawmamiteydbzi

If the gateway curl found is going to redirect then the above will fail and
"-L" (follow redirect) needs to be added to the command.

On the IPFS gateway side of things we're now playing with the thought to
add the ability to make the gateway behavior explicit. For example, we're
thinking of adding a header like:
Ipfs-Gateway-Mode: path | subdomain

If you'd pass the header:
Ipfs-Gateway-Mode: path

Then the gateway would honor this request (no redirect to subdomain) and
give you the data you've requested.

Thus far none of this would require any change in curl.

However, we're wondering if it would be acceptable for curl to set this
header by default for the ipfs/ipns schemes? It changes nothing with regard
to follow redirects. Instead it's a hint to the gateway to not redirect at
all and just give the data back as-requested. Not having to pass this
header in curl is a big win in terms of user friendliness, but it comes at
the cost of implicitly adding a header.

I'm curious how the devs here think about this and if it would be

Best regards,
Mark Gaiser


Received on 2023-10-20