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Re: Sending a fragmented WebSocket message.

From: Paul Fotheringham via curl-library <>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2023 11:53:05 +0100

On Mon, 18 Sept 2023 at 23:56, Paul Fotheringham
<> wrote:
> I propose
> - changing the CURLWS_TEXT thru CURLWS_PING defines to be their actual
> numerical 4-bit values
> - rename the curl_ws_send's flags argument to opcode
> - add an argument to curl_ws_send to replace the CURLWS_OFFSET functionality
> - add libtest cases to cover csl_ws_send for non-control frames
> -- libtest 2303 claims to test curl_ws_send but the code is missing to
> actually send a (unfragmneted) text frame
> -- add a libtest for sending a fragmented text frame, not sure how to
> verify the data server-size though
> - add a libtest for sending a frame in pieces i.e. the CURLWS_OFFSET
> functionality

Missing from the above list:
- add argument to curl_ws_send to hold the FIN/RSV* flags, this would
be a repurposed flags argument

There is also a modification to the above list:

Replacing the CURLWS_OFFSET functionality does not necessarily require
a new argument. If curl_off_t is guaranteed to be signed then we could
have a negative value represent that the send is whole rather than
partial and then zero is only used for the subsequent calls for
partial frames. Alternatively we could have a curl_ws_send_partial.
Received on 2023-09-19