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Feature request: Make TLS Ciphers discoverable

From: Marc Alff via curl-library <>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2023 18:04:07 +0200

Feature request: Make TLS Ciphers discoverable


Please find below a feature request for CURL.


A client application uses curl, and exposes options such as

my_app --tls12 --cipher-list <<PICK_A_CIPHER>>
my_app --tls13 --cipher-suite <<PICK_A_CIPHER>>

from the command line (or from a configuration file)

The cipher-list and cipher-suite options are used to ultimately invoke:

Now, to use the application, an end-user has to actually provide a
`known` cipher.

Supported ciphers are documented already:

The problem is that this doc is overwhelming for an end user of my_app,
who would typically not know:

- which version of CURL is used in the build for my_app
- which SSL implementation is used when building the CURL library
- which version of the SSL implementation is used
- which compilation flags are set/unset



In the command line tool, add an option to enumerate supported ciphers.

See similar features in openssl:
   openssl ciphers -v


In the curl library, add an API to enumerate supported ciphers.

The goal is to use this api in an application,
to implement helpers like

my_app --verbose --help cipher

which can then print the list of ciphers supported by:
- the CURL library and version actually used,
- the SSL library and version actually used,
- listing only ciphers that are compiled in the library.

Keep in mind that my_app could be deployed on a system where curl,
the command line tool, is not available
so exposing an API in the CURL library is critical here.

Beside, my_app invoking the API in the library will report ciphers for
the proper version then (in case of static linking).


Thanks for your consideration.
Best regards,
-- Marc Alff
Received on 2023-09-18