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curl_url_dup does not copy IPv6 zone ID

From: Rutger Broekhoff via curl-library <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2023 09:25:07 +0200

Hi all, when recently trying out the libcurl-url API, I came across some
behavior which seems buggy to me: when copying a URL using curl_url_dup,
the zone ID is not copied into the new URL.

I wouldn't expect that this would be intended behavior (the curl_url_dup
man page specifies that all the contents of the CURLU handle are copied,
and does not note any exceptions). Could anyone confirm that this is
indeed (not) intended behaviour?

A small program to reproduce this behavior is in the attachments. I
would expect its output to be this:

                Original: http://[2a04:4e42:e00::347%25eth0]/
                Parsed: http://[2a04:4e42:e00::347%25eth0]/
                Copy: http://[2a04:4e42:e00::347%25eth0]/

But end up getting the following output:

                Original: http://[2a04:4e42:e00::347%25eth0]/
                Parsed: http://[2a04:4e42:e00::347%25eth0]/
                Copy: http://[2a04:4e42:e00::347]/

curl version used: 8.2.1-1 x86_64 (Arch Linux)


Received on 2023-07-31