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RE: Issues with new cookie length limits

From: Chamberlin, David via curl-library <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2023 13:09:37 +0000

We'll hold off on the cookie length limit for now, then and wait to see what happens.

We are planning to submit a pull request with a test and the fix for the length calculation issue.

The impact is that the real limit for cookie size may actually end up being somewhat less than 8K.

For the test we are looking to adding another test case in tests/data - does that seem right? I don't see anything that explicitly tests the 8K limit - or might that be somewhere else?

Do we need to do anything to have the test picked up or just commit the next numbered test case?

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From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Sent: 07 June 2023 10:47
To: Chamberlin, David via curl-library <>
Cc: Aleksandar Lazic <>; Chamberlin, David [Engineering] <>
Subject: RE: Issues with new cookie length limits

On Wed, 7 Jun 2023, Chamberlin, David via curl-library wrote:

> I suspect that adding a new command line parameter as Ben suggests to
> an already crowded set will get some pushback - a CMakeLists/configure
> option might be more acceptable?

I think we have not landed exactly on what the preferred way to solve this would be. Few users build their own library so having it a build-time option will make it difficult or downright impossible for some.

The challenge is that we seem to be forced to allow > 8K cookie headers because some systems need them while at the same time some systems will return
400 on such headers.

Questions that remain:

1. When a user gets a 400 back, how is they supposed to figure out that this
    could be because they send a too long Cookie: header?
2. What should the new maximum limit be ?
3. Should we do some info-logging for outgoing headers longer than the current
    max limit?

> Also, the length calculation issue we picked up was not discussed.

That sounds like a bug so maybe just post all the details over at;!!O2kDR7mm-zSJ!sOkUrP-MgxcqmpRP5bQ1r2Q1vmXF9eDTzmJdmyHp3cJm0E_4s0eMcSI1_d4cpIRJxLvEabFWK1s8BFL9mg$ ?

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