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Issues with new cookie length limits

From: Chamberlin, David via curl-library <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2023 13:01:28 +0000


I work for a large company which has long made grateful use of curl's features both as a command line tool and as a library.

Since curl 8, (I believe) a limit to the maximum size of the cookie header has been applied in curl. This has created issues when used with our intranet because of cookies automatically added by software over which we have little control.

We have patched the curl package (in cookie.h) that we build for internal consumption to raise this limit (MAX_COOKIE_HEADER_LEN) from 8kB to 32kB which fixes our internal issue.

Would the team be amenable to a pull request that adds an option to CMakeLists and/or configure to make this limit configurable at compile time?

We also picked up a bug in that code in that the length limit check seems to be calculated incorrectly - we can submit a pull request for that also.

- David


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Received on 2023-06-06