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From: Babacar Ndiaye via curl-library <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2023 17:22:20 -0400


The setup we have is TLS in TLS HTTPS with proxy client authentication. As
suggested in the docs, we create one multi handler, keep it around to
leverage the connection caching, and keep adding/removing easy handles to
service the requests.

When the transfer is done with HTTP 1.1, what I get out of
CURLINFO_APPCONNECT_TIME_T with curl_easy_getinfo() makes sense to me.
Since there is connection reuse, the average is low (100 microsec).

Now when the transfer is done with HTTP 2, that average is big (200
millisec). When I do it the other way, make/destroy one easy for each
request, I get that same 200 millisec.

Does CURLINFO_APPCONNECT_TIME_T mean the same thing for in HTTP 1.1 and 2?

Thanks for your help.

Received on 2023-05-27