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curl_mime dependency on CURL*

From: Mayoi Hachikuji via curl-library <>
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2022 11:17:14 +0300


`curl_mime_init` requires an existing *easy_handle*, but it's not clear
what its purpose actually is, as the only information (documentation and
general internet combined) I can seem to find is
> it creates a handle to a new empty mime structure intended to be used
> with *easy_handle*
and I don't know enough about libcurl internals to infer what this
actually means by reading the source code.

The confusing part is that this does not immediately associate this
handle with the *easy_handle*. It still has to be added using
`curl_easy_setopt`. Does it mean that it's okay to attach this handle to
any other *easy_handle* that's not the one I created this handle with?
If so, I guess it wouldn't need an *easy_handle*, but this word
"intended" to me has a conotation that it's not a hard dependency.

There's also ability to add curl_mime* to curl_mimepart* using
`curl_mime_subparts`, regarding the above, does it mean that they cannot
ever be mixed in regard to what handle each of them was created with?

What I want to be sure of is if
> this curl_mime* can only ever be used with CURL* it was created with
is an invariant that I have to uphold for libcurl to work correctly.
Received on 2022-08-27