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Compiling libcurl for classic Mac OS 9

From: Ryan Schmidt via curl-library <>
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2022 12:33:46 -0500

Hi, I'm attempting to compile the current version of libcurl for classic Mac OS 9, which was apparently possible at some point [1] and for which a config file still exists [2]. I haven't been successful yet and I would not be surprised if it has been a long time since this was attempted or if some code refactoring for the primary platforms has left the classic Mac OS build nonfunctional and I'm happy to continue poking at it myself but I wanted to ask if anyone here knows how it had been compiled for Mac OS 9 before. Does anyone know? I couldn't find that information. Or does anyone know when the last time was that someone successfully compiled libcurl for classic Mac OS or what libcurl version was used?

First I tried using Retro68 [3] to cross-compile from modern macOS, but that was a no go because libcurl of course uses sockets, which classic Mac OS doesn't have and which Retro68 doesn't attempt to emulate, and the GUSI [4] compatibility layer that I believe I have to use to get a socket-compatible interface doesn't work with Retro68 because of the way that it overrides system headers.

Next I wanted to try building on classic Mac OS itself but I didn't find an Apple MPW Makefile or a Metrowerks CodeWarrior project file (mcp) in the curl sources so I tried to create an MPW Makefile myself. Some of the C files are compiling now but I've found what appear to be some missing defines in config-mac.h, some defines I needed to change elsewhere, a typo, some idioms that the MPW preprocessor does not like that I may be able to work around with my own preprocessing, and several other errors I haven't investigated yet. I think next I'll try switching over to CodeWarrior and see if I have more luck there.





Received on 2022-08-18