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Test 1543 failing when run through proxy

From: Fabian Keil via curl-library <>
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2022 09:24:55 +0200

I recently noticed that test 1543 fails when
Privoxy is being used as proxy.

It's not a big deal and I can simply skip the test,
however the failure looks interesting:

test 1543...[CURLOPT_CURLU, URL with space and CURLINFO_EFFECTIVE_URL]

 1543: stdout FAILED:
Unprocessed headers:
--- log/check-expected 2022-06-15 19:09:48.214336000 +0200
+++ log/check-generated 2022-06-15 19:09:48.214108000 +0200
_at__at_ -1,5 +1,6 _at__at_
+Invalid header received from client.[LF]
 res 0[LF]
-status 200[LF]
-redirects 1[LF]
+status 400[LF]
+redirects 0[LF]
+effectiveurl /with/ space/ /file[LF]
 redirecturl blank[LF]

fk_at_t520 ~/git/privoxy/tests/cts $tail -n 8 logs/upstream-tests.log
2022-06-15 19:09:48.208 800e12000 Connect: Waiting for the next client connection. Currently active threads: 1
2022-06-15 19:09:48.208 800e12e00 Connect: Accepted connection from on socket 4
2022-06-15 19:09:48.208 800e12e00 Received: from socket 4: GET /with/ space/ /file HTTP/1.1\x0d\x0aHost:\x0d\x0aAccept: */*\x0d\x0aProxy-Connection: Keep-Alive\x0d\x0a\x0d\x0a
2022-06-15 19:09:48.208 800e12e00 Writing: to socket 4: HTTP/1.1 400 Invalid header received from client\x0d\x0aContent-Type: text/plain\x0d\x0aConnection: close\x0d\x0a\x0d\x0aInvalid header received from client.\x0a - - [15/Jun/2022:19:09:48 +0200] "Invalid request" 400 0
2022-06-15 19:09:48.208 800e12e00 Error: Couldn't parse request line received from Parse error
2022-06-15 19:09:48.208 800e12e00 Connect: Closing client socket 4. Keep-alive: 0. Socket alive: 1. Data available: 0. Configuration file change detected: 0. Requests received: 1.
2022-06-15 19:09:53.596 800e12000 Info: exiting by signal 15 .. bye

My interpretation is that libcurl encodes the spaces in the
URL when run without proxy (and the test's <protocol> section
seems to indicate that this is expected) but not when a proxy
is being used.


Received on 2022-08-03