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From: Dan Fandrich via curl-library <>
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2022 18:06:40 -0700

On Mon, Jun 06, 2022 at 03:40:09PM -0700, Adam Light via curl-library wrote:
> However the problem is that it appears that when the url is set using
> CURLOPT_CURLU, curl_easy_getinfo for CURLINFO_EFFECTIVE_URL returns an empty
> string. So unless I am missing something it doesn't seem to be possible to have
> raw spaces in the URL and also use CURLINFO_EFFECTIVE_URL to retrieve the
> actual URL after curl has followed redirects. If anyone has suggestions about
> how to use both of these together I'd appreciate it.

That sounds like a bug. Setting the URL with or CURLOPT_URL or CURLOPT_CURLU
shouldn't make any difference to the rest of the library.
Received on 2022-06-07