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RE: [EXTERNAL] Re:Re: [HELP] What's the underlying connection reusing policy, can it be RR

From: Max Dymond via curl-library <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2022 18:10:46 +0000

> Thanks for your reply,.<br/><br/>Yes, I don't do repeated request. Maybe come a request, then next one come an hour later. But the requests are latency concered(should be less than 50ms) . <br/><br/>If every request comes, then make a new connection to the server, the total cost of the request would probably exceed 50ms due to tcp handshake.<br/><br/>So I hope to keep the underlying connection in libcurl cache to stay as long as possible, such that once a request comes, <br/>there's a 'ready' connection(no need to establish from srcatch) to handle it.

Are you using HTTP/2 or plain HTTP? For HTTP/2 there's which is designed to keep a long-lived connection alive to a server by sending periodic HTTP/2 PING frames.

Otherwise it sounds like you might have to configure the TCP keepalive settings of the host to keep the connection alive for longer; or, write your client in such a way that it periodically sends keepalive requests to the server (perhaps by sending OPTIONS to the server).
Received on 2022-01-20