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Re: Feature suggestion to block Curl from connecting reserved and private IP addresses

From: Ayesh Karunaratne via curl-library <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2021 14:21:49 +0530

> > With the addition of CURLOPT_PREREQFUNCTION, one could write a callback
> > function to selectively block requests to certain IP/port ranges. This is
> > great, and I think it comes handy when trying to prevent SSRF
> > vulnerabilities by blocking the request if it directs to an IP address that
> > is reserved or private.
> Isn't the solution to this, and a remedy to many other attacks at the same
> time, rather to use a secure protocol? If you use a TLS or SSH based protocol,
> it doesn't matter if someone manages to trick curl to connect to the wrong
> address as it won't survive the handshake anyway!

Thanks a lot for the quick response.

You are right that the handshake would indeed fail under a secure
protocol, and Curl does a fantastic job at that.

My particular use case is an FTP and HTTP ingestion server where TV
reporters submit their videos, where they submit a URL, and the server
ingests it at a maximum speed configured internally. I couldn't think
of a way to prevent someone from simply submitting an internal
firewalled URL, because Curl would be allowed to fetch the files from
the private IP address anyway.

Using plain FTP is a bad idea from the get-go, I totally agree.
However, I thought a feature like this could be helpful to many users
as an additional precautionary measure for those who can't use a
protocol that validates the host name.

Thank you,
Received on 2021-12-14