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Re: Feature proposal: Command line option support for OpenSSL providers

From: Info via curl-library <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2021 17:44:18 +0200

Am 12.10.21 um 17:28 schrieb Daniel Stenberg:
> What is the actual difference between an previous OpenSSL "engine" and
> the current "provider" ? I've tried to figure it out but find no clear
> description.
> IOW: isn't this just what --engine is for but now (in 3.0+) the thing
> in OpenSSL is called provider?
Not as far as I understand it: Providers create an entirely new
"extension" architecture in OpenSSL.

"The current functionality provided by the engine interface will be
replaced over time via a provider interface."

Even clearer: "This
command has been deprecated. Providers should be used instead of engines."

Received on 2021-10-12