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Re: LRU connection pooling can result in uneven load

From: Jeffrey Tolar via curl-library <>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2021 08:17:03 -0700

On Sep 17 2021 12:14, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
>Thanks for your detailed description. I had to read it several times
>to fully understand your situation. I believe I fully understand it

Thanks for taking the time to do so!

>Back in the dark ages we actually had a CLOSEPOLICY option which would
>control with method libcurl would use to pick an old connection to
>close when the connection pool ran full. We removed it early on
>because it was never used and it was hard for users to understand the
>benefit of.

Ah, interesting! I can see how that would be more confusing for the
majority of use cases - one of the nice things about curl is that, for
the most part, it Just Works :).

>To me, a CURLOPT_MAXLIFETIME_CONN option seems like a better fit and
>it could go very well together with the existing CURLOPT_MAXAGE_CONN
>option (that sets the maximum idle time to allow a connection in the
>pool to reach). Connections that reach that age **while in the pool**
>will get pruned. That should prevent one or a few connections to get
>stuck on a fixed server for a very long time.

Great! I can try to work on a PR, probably either today or early next

I haven't tried it yet, but I think the simplest implementation (at
least for me) would be to mirror CURLOPT_MAXAGE_CONN, and add an
additional check in conn_maxage [*]. That won't close connections
immediately when they expire, but I think it will be good enough for
most cases.


Jeffrey Tolar
Received on 2021-09-17