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Re: RELEASE: curl 7.75.0

From: Dennis Clarke via curl-library <>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2021 02:15:26 +0000

On 2/3/21 7:21 AM, Daniel Stenberg via curl-library wrote:
> Hi friends!
> I'm happy to push us forward another step with this announcement: curl
> 7.75.0 is here. Get it from:

Good day. I have a minor nit here wherein :

TESTFAIL: These test cases failed: 1188

However there is on the old Fujitsu SPARC64 technology with the
Oracle/Sun compilers. We have seen these little issues before.

Also, I did see strange optimization flags inserted into the
Makefile(s) and I was able to catch that and edit all the
tree Makefile(s) to remove a strange -xO2 which I did not
want. That may be an issue wherein I need to use autotools to
recreate the input. Regardless my CFLAGS were not

This is a pure debug build linked against OpenSSL 1.1.1k which
was of course a no-asm and non-optimized build. Also libssh2 was
built in a similar way as well as every other major dependency.

If I can provide more data/input here I am only too happy.

Keep curl awesome!

Dennis Clarke
UNIX and Linux spoken
GreyBeard and suspenders optional
Received on 2021-03-27