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Adding support for GSS Credential and Credential Cache

From: Vipul Mehta via curl-library <>
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2021 18:56:46 +0530


We have been using curl version 7.37.1. It was built with fbopenssl. We are
using it for kerberos authentication with tomcat server via HTTP SPNEGO
with GSS-API.

We did our own enhancements in it to accept a GSS credential and Credential
cache for Kerberos authentication. For this we added a couple of curl
options and modified some of the internal curl code.

Now, we are moving to curl version 7.68 and found that fbopenssl dependency
has been removed. Our old enhancement is not compatible with the new curl.

We are working on adding the support for GSS credential and Credential
cache in curl version 7.68 and once done, we would like to merge this to
curl main repo so that in future we don't face such compatibility issues

What are the prerequisites for such merge ?
Will this feature be acceptable ?
Is this feature already on the roadmap ?


Received on 2021-01-05