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JSON support

From: Daniel Stenberg via curl-users <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2022 14:38:54 +0100 (CET)


I've been circling around this topic before. On this list I've previously
gotten rather lukewarm responses or even several "don't do its", but after
having asked around people on twitter I think maybe the time might come when
we add some JSON specific command line options to the tool.

I have three reasons why now:

1. Sending JSON has grown to become a very common thing to do in the world of
REST APIs and more.

2. When asked what features or functionality people like in the many curl
"alteratives" that pop up, the "ease of doing JSON" is a frequent answer.

3. A not insignificant amount of people on stackoverflow etc have problems to
send correct JSON with curl and to get the quoting done right, as json uses
double-qoutes by itself and shells don't expand variables within single quotes

I personally am not sending JSON too often myself so I'm pretty sure I'm not
suitable to design this feature entirely on my own. I need help to design this
to become as useful as possible.

I've drafted my refreshed concept in the curl wiki. To explain it shortly, it
adds two command line options: one for sending already formatted json as a
shortcut for -d with the right Accept header, and the other is an option for
building a json request body to send. See the expanded thoughts here:

That page was previously describing a slightly different json idea, so if you
looked at it before, look again because it's different now.

Is this a good idea? What tweaks does it need to become useful? If you're
sending JSON with curl or an alternative tool today, could you see yourself
using this method instead and what would be needed for that to be really
attractive for you?

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Received on 2022-01-20