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Re: How do I read a regex address?

From: ToddAndMargo via curl-users <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 11:16:28 -0700

On 7/15/21 10:29 AM, Jeremy Nicoll via curl-users wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Jul 2021, at 17:47, ToddAndMargo via curl-users wrote:
>> Fedora 34
>> Xfce 4.14
>> curl-7.76.1-4.fc34.x86_64
>> The below address works in a browser, but not curl.
> Does it really? Are you saying you type (or c&p)

Oh yes: tested with both Firefox and Vivaldi. See
the second picture link below

> into the URL bar of, say FIrefox? Or are you executing a command
> from a terminal/console window as eg
> firefox.exe[2-9]\d{4}\
> In the latter case I would think that maybe (under some sort of
> linux shell) the regex part might get expanded before the command
> is passed to the browser.
> Moreover a URL like
> means that you're asking the php processor running on the
> server that's hosting the website, to run the
> php script that it has named known.php and pass to it the
> parameter "q=regex:[2-9]\d{4}\." (or maybe if you're using
> linux, pass to it a series of q=nnn values).
> Goodness only knows what that will do.
>> What I get back is the main page.
> That probably means it didn't work, and not knowing what
> you wanted, gave you the site's home page as decent
> default.
>> I need the "Dev Channel".
> If I browse the site's home page I see three links (which are
> architecture dependent) for things described as "Latest Dev
> Channel build", eg (for x64)
> which isn't even close to what you specified. Perhaps it would
> help if you explained where your URL came from.

You missed the dev channel button. My fault
for not telling you to look for it. Check the
following lines on the web page:

135: <a class="ui mini button" href="known.php?q=regex:[2-9]\d{4}\.">
136: <i class="search icon"></i>
137: Dev Channel
138: </a>

And a picture is worth a thousand words:

And this is the web page I want to read:

I am trying to read this line:

146: <tr><td><i class="windows icon"></i><a
Update for Windows 11 (10.0.22000.65)
amd64</a></td><td>x64</td><td>2021-07-08 17:00:15

But I have to get the web page first before I
go nuts with regex. I program in Raku, so
Regex's are eloquent.

Received on 2021-07-15