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libcurl appconnect_time is greater than starttransfer when using HTTPS proxy

From: Yongkang Huang via curl-users <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2021 02:36:11 +0000


Iā€™m trying to break down the latency when connect through HTTPS proxy. One interesting found is the appconnect_time is greater than time_starttransfer:

curl -p -x https://[myproxy] -v --trace-time -s -w_at_curl-format.txt -o /dev/null

    time_namelookup: 0.000108
       time_connect: 0.199598
    time_appconnect: 0.443684
   time_pretransfer: 0.233842
time_starttransfer: 0.273798
         time_total: 0.276055

However if I do without proxy:

curl -s -w_at_curl-format.txt -o /dev/null
    time_namelookup: 0.032343
       time_connect: 0.062947
    time_appconnect: 0.147833
   time_pretransfer: 0.148032
time_starttransfer: 0.226086
         time_total: 0.235938

curl-format.txt has the following content:

    time_namelookup: %{time_namelookup}\n
       time_connect: %{time_connect}\n
    time_appconnect: %{time_appconnect}\n
   time_pretransfer: %{time_pretransfer}\n
time_starttransfer: %{time_starttransfer}\n
         time_total: %{time_total}\n\n

My understanding is time_appconnect represent the time from start until SSL ended with destination server, time_starttransfer means the time when the first byte from destination received, how would libcurl stamp the time when apply HTTPS proxy to cause the app_connect greater than time_starttransfer? Does all the time except time_appconnect profile the time connect to proxy instead of destination?

Thanks in Advance šŸ˜Š

Yongkang Huang

Received on 2021-06-10