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sort of tangent to curl -- web browser/extension

From: bruce via curl-users <>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2021 07:14:09 -0400


Researching browser extensions and thought I'd post her as well.

Curl is great for most of my needs to date. However I'm wondering if
anyone has run across any kind of browser extension that would allow
the user to be viewing a url/page and the extension would allow the
underlying "real" content to be captured. I'm not referring to the
base "view source". I'm looking to be able to capture the underlying
"javascript/dynamic content" that a page would generate.

And of course free/open source would be useful!


ps. My real world use case. A site I'm looking at has implemented
perimeterX as a blocking tech. The constraints of the tool are
onerous, causing major issues. If I'm manually viewing the site, I can
view the actual page/text by accessing the actual "GET" url. This gets
the text in a separate tab that can be viewed.

I'm wondering if anyone has run across an extension that would
capture/save the underlying content of the "current/viewed" page. Once
I have the "raw" content, parsing is trivial.
Received on 2021-06-01