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Potential confusion in http_proxy.c and a recommendation

From: Hasabnis, Niranjan via curl-library <>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2020 19:04:13 +0000

Hello CURL developers,

My name is Niranjan and I work at Intel. We were recently analyzing various open-source GitHub repositories for idiosyncratic programming patterns. We came across “if (s->keepon > TRUE)” pattern at line 360 in lib/http_proxy.c, and we believe that this pattern is a bit confusing, and can lead to a potential issue in the future. We wanted to have your opinion about it.

Here are more details about this pattern. keepon is defined as int in struct http_connect_state in lib/urldata.h,

/* struct for HTTP CONNECT state data */

struct http_connect_state {


  int keepon;


while TRUE is defined as true in curl_setup_once.h.

#ifndef TRUE

#define TRUE true


#ifndef FALSE

#define FALSE false

It seems that “if (s->keepon > TRUE)” code intends to capture the semantics of “s->keepon > 1”, as true is defined as integer 1 in C language. In fact, lib/http_proxy.c contains “s->keepon = 2;”

We believe that the aforementioned pattern, however, causes confusion because any non-zero value can be considered as true in C language. In other words, even a negative value of keepon can satisfy the condition if we consider this notion. We believe that using “if (s->keepon > 1)” would eliminate this confusion and capture the intended semantics precisely.
Do you have any comments on this recommendation and the potential confusion we mentioned?


Received on 2020-11-09