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Re: [SECURITY ADVISORY] curl: trusting FTP PASV responses

From: Paul Gilmartin via curl-users <>
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2020 07:42:11 -0700

On 2020-12-08, at 23:53:28, Daniel Stenberg via wrote:
> ...
> If curl operates on a URL provided by a user (which by all means is an unwise
> setup), a user can exploit that and pass in a URL to a malicious FTP server
> instance without needing any server breach to perform the attack.
Ouch! "unwise" Without qualification? "man curl" says:
       curl - transfer a URL
       curl [options] [URL...]

Am I at risk with:
    curl --trace-ascii trace

... when I see in "trace":
=> Send header, 6 bytes (0x6)
0000: EPSV
== Info: Connect data stream passively
<= Recv header, 37 bytes (0x25)
0000: 500 'EPSV': command not understood.
== Info: Failed EPSV attempt. Disabling EPSV
=> Send header, 6 bytes (0x6)
0000: PASV
<= Recv header, 50 bytes (0x32)
0000: 227 Entering Passive Mode (170,225,15,26,60,163)
== Info: Trying
== Info: Connecting to ( port 15523
== Info: Connected to ( port 21 (#0)

Is there a remedy?


Received on 2020-12-09