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Vulnerabilities in curl 7.88.0

curl version 7.88.0 was released on February 15 2023. The following 17 security problems are known to exist in this version.

FlawFrom versionTo and including
HTTP/2 push headers memory-leak7.
Usage of disabled protocol7.
HSTS long filename clears contents7.
cookie mixed case PSL bypass7.
cookie injection with none file7.
SOCKS5 heap buffer overflow7.
HTTP headers eat all memory7.
more POST-after-PUT confusion7.78.0.1
IDN wildcard match7.
siglongjmp race condition7.
UAF in SSH sha256 fingerprint check7.
SSH connection too eager reuse still7.
HSTS double free7.
GSS delegation too eager connection re-use7.
FTP too eager connection reuse7.
SFTP path ~ resolving discrepancy7.
TELNET option IAC injection7.77.88.1

CVE data for 7.88.0 provided as JSON.

Changelog for curl 7.88.0

See vulnerability summary for the previous release: 7.87.0 or the subsequent release: 7.88.1